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Knotty 100 Weekend 2023

What is KNOTTY100?

Knotty100 is a festival to be held in North Staffordshire during 2023 to commemorate 100 years since our local railway company the North Staffordshire Railway or “Knotty” was absorbed into the greater railway network on 1st July 1923. Not only does the festival commemorate the old “Knotty” but celebrates all aspects of North Staffordshire’s railway heritage. Local heritage railways are involved (led by the Foxfield Railway, Blythe Bridge) and we are working with a number of other groups and organisations including the Brampton Museum, Staffordshire Film Archive, NSCG College Group, etc.

KNOTTY100 Event at FOXFIELD RAILWAY 14th, 15th, 16th July 2023

There will be three full days dedicated to the celebration of Knotty100 at Foxfield Railway. Events (in addition to our regular Buffet, Bar, Shop, Museum and Miniature Railway) will include: